What is DUO?


When we started thinking about DUO we wanted to create a functional, practical game table that had an innovative solution, capable of transforming it in a few


We started looking at what the market was offering and we couldn't find the right inspiration. Tables that use slats as a cover do not offer definitive solutions for storing them when not in use. Accessories often protrude from the table and do not stay in place when the game is stopped. 


We had to take a step forward. Inventing what did not yet exist. At that moment we realized that our table should have turned on itself. 


A simple movement would have been enough to bring the table from the "game face" to the "dining face". A single wooden panel without grooves or removable solutions, perfect for the dining room and beautiful in any environment.

The edges of DUO will help you not to lose dice and tokens during matches. The elevated position is specially designed to better see what is happening on the board.

On one side of the table we have a large felt surface ready to accommodate any type of game and the edges are the right length to comfortably rest your arms. The accessories are recessed right where they are needed most and will not allow you to be further from the playing field by not even one millimeter.

Turning DUO is very simple: four small but powerful pins block the rotation. Just press them to move the turntable. It is also possible to shoot DUO alone, and it is super safe even if there are children in the house. 



You don't need a huge table - you need a smart table.


Above DUO you can play anything, from the smallest card game to the most complex board game full of miniatures, this is because we have studied a modular system that, thanks to the magnets, allows you to move the side bars, recovering all the space you need.

DUO can vary the playing surface from a width of 59 cm up to 86 cm. You don't need a huge table - you need a smart table.

More than that DUO has a frame on the long sides which is very special. We have thought about the playing posture and how much space is needed to rest the arms, elbows and all the elements that are needed in most party games.

 For this reason the frame is 16 cm wide, a right distance to stay close to the game and, at the same time, to be comfortable. The frame contains the accessories inside and you will not believe how comfortable they are.



Playing all day is a long journey, so it's better to rest now and then.


Don't worry, you don't have to change the table, you don't even have to flip it. DUO has a fast pause and restart system for your games. We have created a drawer for slats on one of the short sides of DUO. You don't even have to get out of your chair to cover the entire playing surface and start enjoying a nice pizza.



 How many times have you wanted to hear the sounds of battle, the sound of the sea or simply the soundtrack that best suits your favorite game?


Now you can, because DUO will be able to have a stereo system. And that's not all: you can also charge your smartphones and tablets via the USB ports.

All this will be integrated in a convenient drawer that you can insert and remove whenever you want and that can be configured at will. Of course it is also beautiful to see.

 Duo is simply the best boardgame you can buy. The best boardgame companion, after your real friends, of course.