Technical features

Size matters

Duo is designed for every type of home. It is the table for the living room, the boardgame room, but it is also perfect for a one room apartment or an open space .

We have designed the size of DUO so that it fits into any environment and can be used regardless of the shape or size of your flat.

The width of 920 mm is optimal for any type of game but also to not clutter the room too much. 

The height of 780 mm is that of a dining table so it can also be used in this way.

The length of 1600 mm is such that it can perfectly accommodate 6 people

Wood and colour

Duo will be available immediately in two different wood types. The strong Tulipier or the luxurious and more durable Oak.

In addition to the material, DUO will also be available in three beautiful colours.

A bright natural colour, a more classic honey color and a dark brown colour

We are sure that DUO will suit any home and any style, including yours.

The surface of your world

Duo allows you to play on a beautiful mat that has been specially chosen as the perfect setting for your games.

The mat is made of synthetic felt and is soft enough to easily raise the cards and roll the dice without making a sound.

It is made from 100% recycled bottle material and is extremely environmentally friendly, does not deteriorate over time and is waterproof.

Duo comes with a dark gray mat ready to use, in the future you can further customize your game plan with a range of colored mats that will be available soon like the inferno red and the ocean blue that you can see below

Are you ready to purchase your DUO?