What is Otherside furniture

Think of a table for playing your favorite boardgames: a soft carpet, a magically retractable pin holder and even a dice tower that rises when you have the dice in your hand.

We started there, then went further. We wanted everything to go back to the way it was, just a table, a simple table.

We looked at what the market was offering, we studied it and rethought it.

We wanted to build something unique and to do so we went to the greatest masters of the made in Italy and we made a handcrafted but technological product that combines attention to detail and functionality.

This is how Otherside was born.

We started an adventure in which we hope you will want to follow us.

We started with two people, but more and more collaborators and players have joined the project. We hope you will soon be able to say that you have entered our beautiful little world of Otherside furniture.

Because the opposite of the ordinary is the extraordinary.

Simone Silvestri

An indomitable boardgamer, nerd to the core, he devours books, comics and good food. Technology lover and Sunday runner (when it's not raining).
An enterprising, crazy dreamer, he now runs Otherside.

Andrew Gilioli

A tireless architect, interior designer by passion, he can't remember the last day of his holiday. CAD black belt and Sunday runner (when the wind isn't blowing).
Creative, fresh, now producing ideas and projects at Otherside.