Gears or gaming

Coins, says cards. Our board games are full of items that are often left on the table and sometimes even lost.

Playing on a tidy table where everything is in its place is enormously satisfying, we have to tell it.

That's why we've created a collection of accessories to keep your favorite games organized while you play them on DUO.

We've kept the minimalist design that distinguishes DUO to highlight the game components and not the stand that contains them.

What is even more beautiful and innovative, however, is the system with which the accessories are hooked to DUO

Each box has 4 magnets that attach directly to the outer sides of the table. The magnets are powerful enough to hold the accessories securely upside down when the tabletop is facing down, but not too powerful that they can't be lifted with a simple movement. You'll be able to leave each accessory where it is and turn the table he will remain in that position ready for the next game.

Accessories, here we are

We are very proud to present to you the first accessories we have produced, many more are already in the works. Duo is truly infinitely upgradeable!

Large token holder

do you have a lot of coins, a lot of resources? this token holder is big and deep enough to organize all the tokens without losing any of them.

Card holder

Whether it's part of your hand, or cards that all the players can see there is nothing more convenient than this accessory that sorts your cards.

Small game console and

Many games require a personal dashboard for each player. The game console is designed for that. The game console is attached to the duo magnetically, you just have to put it down.

Large bin

When you have lots of game items nothing will be more useful than a deep and capacious accessory, the large bin will be there for that.

Glass holder

Playing games we know gets thirsty. The glass holder will help you shave off hydration and keep your glass safely away from the game but always ready for a sip every now and then.

says tray

When the table is full it may not be comfortable to roll the dice on the game, we have thought of this by creating an external dice tray that is convenient both to move on the table and to fix angelically over the edges of DUO.

Did you like our accessories?
We are in the process of making many more and can't wait to show them to you.
Duo expands and can be customized endlessly.